Phew! We are down to the last month of the first quarter of the year, 2021. A lot has happened to all of us; both good and bad, individually as well as collectively. Thank God, we have weathered through them all. We also want to thank our esteemed readers for reading our posts. We hope it has in one way or the other, helped you.

As we enter the month of March, please try and take care of your mental health. Identify negative triggers than can easily make you take a dive down the deep end of emotional and mental distress and try as much as possible to avoid them. Stay away from negative people and energy if possible. Indeed, some of these things may come to us but then try and ensure that you are in control. The preceding year hitherto has been tumultuous and if there is one thing that we need individually, it’s the need for a trusted friend or a confidant. Do not go through life’s storms alone. Sometimes, the energy to row the waters is not there hence the need to have someone trustworthy to sail with.

Read a novel. Pray. Sing. Travel. Write. Love. Seek out to learn something new. Laugh. Smile. Hope. Try. Talk. Listen. Jump.

As a blog, we do not intend to leave you alone. We will be going through the motions with you and dole out posts that will encourage, entertain and educate you, our esteemed readers. So as we march into March, please remember that the world needs you, we need you, your friends need you, your family need you, but above all, you need you.

Welcome to March!

Chukwudi I.
For: DianaKolawole Blog

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