Be flexible

I can be set in my ways and forget that, there are 8,9 or how many billion of people sharing the same world as me. I can be so tunnel visioned into my own goals and aspirations instead of helping those that are stuck on their journey.

Each day, I realise how being selfish is ingrained deep within us and, it takes a lot of disciple and change of habit to learn how to change that.

It doesn’t go away in a day but, being intentional helps. I’m still discovering that myself.

woman holding two flowers across her eyes
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It’s so easy to say “but, that’s how I am”. Um, no.. Habits are learnt overtime and they can be unlearned. Behaviours and habits are not in the same boat as the eyes you’re born with or even your shoe size. Those things can’t be changed but, habits can.

I encourage us to realise that, other people are also dealing with their own issues and we need to be flexible and accommodate others. It isn’t roses all the time but, we can learn to disagree and agree without being spiteful to each other

Be flexible and be adaptable.

God bless you

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