The Wilful Spirit (Chapter One)

Wise Teachings

The lustrous blueberry trees in the Mellow Woods fill the air with a sense of calmness. Watching the birds gobble up the bread crumbs that land on the ground so desperately reminds me of the many teachings I’ve come to know in the faith throughout my own life, each crumb bearing a new piece of truth that makes up a whole revelation. Walking along the curvy paths takes me back to a time when I struggled mightily with sin, trying hard to let go with my own strength, but even then, the Lord showed grace during my struggle.

I’ve lived in Metropolis for a few years now, in a somewhat rundown household alone with little to live off from, but despite it all, I love it here; I’ve made it my home. It takes a lot of faith and sturdiness to endure what life throws at you, especially in a city run by a crooked old man that only loves the touch of money. Nevertheless, in places like my home, there is a special kind of joy to be had not seen elsewhere in this world.

I’ve come to know that you can endure anything in this world as long as you keep the faith and hope that the Lord can deliver you amid trouble. Not many in this city believe in such truth, which evidently leads to outrageous inhuman laws being passed and crooked people indulge in satisfying their lustful pleasures. I hope that they will see the truth and have their eyes open to see the damnation that’s awaiting them if they choose to continue.

To be taught is a privilege in this world; one can only grow wise through wise instructors. Where there is no teaching the soul starves, human development ends and morals collapse, mankind is left empty as imagination fades. Seek wisdom and learn wisely; in doing so, you’ll be fit to pass on your very own teachings to the next generation.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Tep Ro from Pixabay 

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