The Wilful Spirit (Chapter Two)

Practiced Obedience

This pleasant fragrance flowing through the flowers at the brink of daylight, once the windows have been opened, revealing the piercing light of the sun, speaks to me of my younger days. The times when things were sweet and carefree, not a single worry to be had nor troubles that would make the eyes heavy, genuine peace and joy were everlasting in the spring of childhood.

However, those summer days taught me extensively what it meant to be under the hand of obedience; lessons taught in the moments when I needed them the most but often would forget when leaning headfirst into the arms of disaster. It was through the Lord’s leading that I understand the pathways I found most comfortable walking on; the associations I often held close even when they only poisoned the fruit that was tenderly looked after in the heart of my soul.

It is an endless puzzle why we hesitate when given instruction either by our loved ones or by the Lord Himself. The only conclusion we can go on is the ever-growing sin that attempts to lure our souls away from what is true and sound. Therefore, we all look forward to the day when we can each obey freely without having to wrestle with ourselves and see the glowing light of truth in its bountiful beauty.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Tep Ro from Pixabay 

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