Strive and Conquer

Victory can look funny sometimes.

It’s hard to measure it when everyone is comparing their lives with others. And unfortunately, social media hasn’t been helping with this side. I have seen many question themselves and have self doubt because they envy another person because of likes.

I remember when we use to live for things other than likes and approval. I remember when it was so cool for someone to be individualistic and not conform to what the media says.

Photo by Nhlanhla Maseko on

During this Mental Health Month, I want to share the importance of having a healthy self-image. And how important it is for us to have thicker skin when it comes to the media.

For example, I remember being in an all girl school and one year, 3/4 shorts were a trend and the next year half up and down up-do was another trend. Over time, it was clear that people can’t make up their minds but, it was a bit depressing seeing those that would run around because of trends (some ended up loosing a lot of money and a lot of hair). And saying “but the media made me do it” sounded like a very silly excuse. I’ve done a whole thesis on the influence of Media on women and my conclusion didn’t change.

If you are easily influence over the small things and have low self esteem you will go to the extremes just to “feel” pretty for a second. And unfortunately many have botched their bodies just to look like an idol who never cared about them. Harsh but, it is true.

So, I will ask again, what does Victory look like to you? Could it be, not being influenced by trends? Or improving your overall mental health?

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