What I call a Mother

Happy Mothers Day

Beyond title.

her actions speaks far beyond words emulating everything related to being a Mother.


is her strength in the midst of adversities but, our focus and trust lies in God as he watched over her children when she is not there.

Without labels.

Her children are not all biological but, she cares for them each one by one and covers them with her prayers.


Mentally, emotionally and physically stretched but, still thrives in each situation.

Photo by William Fortunato on Pexels.com

Deep down, a Mother isn’t someone who has children. To me, a Mother is any woman who shows care and love towards anyone. Many have had female role models that are not necessarily their biological Mothers but, they still have the love and belonging that they need.

On this Sunday, we (Diana Kolawole site team), want to celebrate all of our “Mothers” and hail you for the great work you’ve been doing. And pray that God will continue to protect your entire household.

We celebrate you today!



On behalf of the DKS team

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