The Wilful Spirit (Chapter Three)

Understanding The Saviour

The Earth is built upon many principles, some bearing a restriction while others hold dire consequences if not followed promptly, yet in all of them, we each carry the choice to obey. One cannot pass through walls or be among the clouds without falling unless he/she be a spirit. We are all given the breath of life, a spirit to which lives beyond our physical bodies, yet not many are ready for eternity.

The choice to be with the Saviour of mankind or to ignore the gift of Salvation is in our faces on a day to day basis; today, it can no longer be avoided or overlooked. Sitting down to ask questions is plausible on any grounds, but to do nothing with the answer is simply a waste of time. Time after time, the believers in the Earth do all they can to understand the Word of the Lord, but not a single one can ever reach the end of this task; it’s simply impossible on this side of life.

I ponder the moments when the Lord stepped in on my behalf, saving me from my own folly and the evil brought by others. Tears roll down my face thinking about such things. It lets me know that the Lord is not far away from those who choose to follow Him and is willing to hear the cry of those who call out to Him.

Not a single event in the Earth is unknown to the Lord, everything has an end, and that end is already determined from its beginning; nothing is hidden from His sight. Knowing such a wonder brings a tear to those who are grateful while holding back the hand who wants to sin. This truth ultimately brings about holy living and sets our eyes on understanding the ways of the Saviour.

© Roderick Lukenge


Image by Tep Ro from Pixabay 

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