I feel tired,
Someone take me back in time
To a place of quiet
To my happy place…
Play me a tune
That will make me smile,
Sing me a song
That will gladen my heart,
Take me by the hand
To bliss….

I feel weary,
Tell me it will be okay,
‘Tis for a moment’, they say
But now each day
Feels like forever,
I wish I could go back to yesterday,
So I could be happy
I wish I could feel what I felt
In the days gone by

I feel hopeful,
That today will be better,
And tomorrow will be the best
So I strive on,
Hoping at the very least
To smile at the end of the day,
And perchance to help another, smile
So I will keep hope’s flick alive
And not burn out the candle of faith…

(c) Chukwudi I.

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