I saw time,
Running, almost flying
As it rushed past by
With people trying to catch it

I saw hope,
With her gentle touch,
And her gentle words,
Trying to comfort us

I saw music,
With such perfection
A divine symphony,
An escape for the weary soul

I saw life,
Bursting forth, bringing hope
Just for us to get weary
As we grow older

I saw faith,
The bedrock for living,
The anchor for the soul
The weak man’s strength

I saw love,
Paint her magical pictures
Colours of hope
And of dreams come true

I saw nature,
Sunrise and sunset,
Tulips, roses, and jasmine;
Mountains, sky blue, oceans

I saw death,
Sometimes with a dark shroud,
Sometimes with a white garment
Seeking to take us to our eternal abode

(c) Chukwudi I.

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