City Boy: The Dark Brotherhood (Chapter One)

Molina City is a rickety built establishment that grows ever greater by the day upon the sorrows of others whilst thriving behind the scenes on those who sell themselves over to a fallacious system. My young brother Mahlik and I were unfortunate from the beginning, as we were both born blind. Still, this tragedy only provided the opportunity for us to feel the world around us and connect on a level not comprehendible to anyone else. 

Our parents started out as loving but soon grew to hate one another and showed it shamelessly in front of us; though we were not able to see the hurt and rage in their eyes, we could feel the ground shake and the world spin out of control and hear clearer than the sky above us. One day, there was silence and others pure violence. Eventually, it grew so great that it concluded with our mother wanting a divorce but knew deep down that she couldn’t keep the two of us. She soon came forward to tell us the truth but only believed we wouldn’t understand due to our minds being so young and her heart needing the healing it sincerely deserves. 

However, these unbridled encounters soon caught up with father swiftly, leading to his death. Regardless of the persona he displayed toward us, we remained sorrowful, never knowing how he looked when he saw our faces and embraced us in his arms when we were born. 

Mahlik admired our father. He took him to be the pinnacle of what a man should look like and hoped to be just like him in future, disregarding the drastic actions he shows towards those who disagree with his motives and future ambitions. Unlike him, I took the side of my mother, who takes on a slightly rowdy but has her heart in the right place and takes it each day at a time. She taught us the ways of the bible as we were growing up, which led us to believe that trials and tribulations may come, but God is there through it all with us. 

Change of Fate

The sudden change threw our mother into disarray, bringing about an alteration of demeanour not seen before. She began to indulge in drug usage, forsaking the teachings she once held so firmly and brought to our attention repetitively as we grew more assertive in awareness of the world around us. 

The family was brought into further ruin than ever before, discord ensued once mother dove deeper into her drug habit, my brother and I was forced to survive under the ferocity she showed toward us over every little instruction she bestowed to us. Her memory started to fade, and soon her wrath only grew all the worse, the longer we stayed in her care. It wasn’t too long till we were whisked away by social services, but our plight was far from over. 

©️ Roderick Lukenge


Image by alejandro skol from Pixabay 

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