Mistakes Happen

The hardened heart can be tough to understand, but a spirit who accepts its faulty actions and buries itself under condemnation needs rescue. Often times we may find ourselves as men overwhelming ourselves with the mistakes we make and fail to find the strength to pull ourselves back up and move past the error. These moments can render the many among us to remain in loneliness and sustain the persona of a lone wolf, but that should never be the ending to anyone’s story.

Learn to know that mistakes will happen, but the effect of it should never stop us from being the best version of ourselves today. As leaders, we are not to hold ourselves down when we pick the wrong direction to go. Instead, continue to learn as we go on in life. Choose to put the past behind you by taking small steps each day toward where you want to be. Let out your concerns to someone near and dear to you about what you’ve been through, and never let others limit your potential.

Leaders are leaders when we choose to hear out all the options available to us. The thought of condemnation is only crushed at the moment we choose to not hear its voice.

©️ Roderick Lukenge


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay 

Image by jwvein from Pixabay 

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