Pressure building up like steam
When it pops, it flows like a stream
With pain and hurt meandering here and there
How is he supposed to take care?
He feels like Humpty Dumpty
Left broken and hurting
Maybe, life has been designed to hurt
And he’s been taught, ‘there’s no short cut
Rent’s due and a baby’s on the way
He trusts God and on his knees, he prays
But ‘opportunity comes but once’ they say
Maybe he’ll just play the games they play
Twill be just one time‘ he tells himself
After all, it won’t hurt his belief
You can’t serve both God and money‘, says the Holy Book
But his pain, it seems God overlooks
So he decides to cut a deal
The gut-wrenching twist he feels
Tis believed that options are alternatives to faith
But how can one hold on at the point of death?
For tis death to see you not being able to help
When all you hear from loved ones are painful yells
So he blocks his ears and silent his conscience
But satan forthwith gives him license
A heart of greed slowly develops
Ever since, with a grin collected the envelope
So life can be easier‘ he says
Then he turns from the narrow way
There’s more room here‘ he thinks
I’ll swerve easily here‘ he thinks
But little did he know,
That was his fast descent to a slippery slope
Into greed and indulgence
For he had no more conscience
To correct him…
Yet who shall save him?
For he wandered so far
And has journeyed yonder
I pray he returns home
Before he turns cold
Lest twill be written of him
Here lies a man who was carried away by life’s whim

© Chukwudi I

#poetry #poem #religion #life

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