City Boy: The Dark Brotherhood (Chapter Three)

The stillness of these corridors brings a coldness to my youthful spirit, much like how the crowd of people huddling together to endure a long journey, never knowing if they’ll be rewarded with a paycheck at the end of their striving. Each passing day I grow tired of the bickering between my foster parents as I sit and wait in the comfort of my new bedroom, hoping it’ll come to an end real soon.

The eventual fate of these two came about swiftly once an affair was introduced between them. It was made clear to me the pair did not perceive the signs that awaited them at every stopping point of their relationship. A relative of theirs relayed such information to me with desperation, hoping deep down they would stitch up the differences they each had with one another. Even though they have been with one another for over three years, such a dream is only a delusion.

While I live amongst this loveless pairing, I only hope to know how my older brother Brooker is and where he may have ended up in this arduous world we were born into.

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© Roderick Lukenge


Image by alejandro skol from Pixabay 

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