With smiling face and gleeful looks,
I wish I’ll see my love to hold
For when pressure builds up
It’s not time to feel like a champ,
For no man is an island,
Hence don’t live like one.
Indeed, life throws its ugly blows
I wish I could parry all
But sometimes, I am weak
Indeed, I am frail
I cry for help sometimes
I need a brother or sister,
To help me when I’m down,
I can’t do life by myself
For when my face is marred
By the rain and dust,
And my vision blurred
By life’s mist and dew
I need a hand to hold mine,
Lest I stumble and fall
Let me hear a voice
That helps me along my path
For no man has it all together,
Even if he looks it,
So in your quest and journey,
Know when to seek for help
For in isolation, despair comes
And in silence, weariness is company

(c) Chukwudi I.

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