Some people see life as a race; they see it as an opportunity to come first. Some see it as a never-ending journey and are on paths till they go the way of all flesh. A lot of people see life in various ways but for me, I see life as music. Music is a universal language. It transcends speech and tongue. People from all over the world connect with each other through music (and the Internet, I think…). An orchestra is a beautiful moment, when various instrumentalists come together, under the direction of a conductor to produce a perfect symphony that reverbs around the auditorium. Anything less than such a magnificent symphony is a cacophony. The beauty of a musical piece is when it reaches its crescendo; when all instruments come together in alluding to the perfection that has been put in creating it.

I think life is beautiful like music. It’s no wonder that nature is always reacting to the beauty of life e.g. when the trees are dancing or the leaves are dancing or a baby’s first word or the flowers clapping. These and many more express the beauty of life. Sadly, sometimes we create the cacophony we hear in our lives, and other times, life just distunes itself and creates an imbalance in the wonderful sound our lives were already playing. Sometimes, our lives are the songs others dance to. So be careful with the music you play, it may cause someone to laugh or cry.

This June, we intend to see life as a musical with all the beauty it brings. We chose to focus on this because the world is in a state of cacophony as it is from insecurities in places like Nigeria, Chad, Syria, etc. to bouncing back from COVID-19, we hope that in all of these, you’ll dance to our prose, poetry, and posts as well as hum to our rhythm and sing along to our stories. We want you to join us as we create a beautiful symphony this June with June’s Tunes. Come play our songs of love, life, faith, and wonderful stories with us.

Thank you for always being with us. To our first-time readers, we are glad to have you onboard and we promise you an amazing time with us.

With love,

Chukwudi Isaac
For: The DianaKolawole Blog Team

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