Lyrical Miracle (Chapter Two)

Cross Your Lyrics

The soul is a fountain to many melodies, a wellspring to countless desires. Writing down my thoughts in lyrical form is my lifelong passion. To have the ability to stir up a crowd for a few moments is a view I bask in every day. As the choir lift up their voices to speak out faith-inspired proclamations, my heart moves to the sound of the lyrics and makes roundabout changes as they pierce through. 

However, with every wonder in the world, there comes a slight bitterness that spoils the entire image. While in the middle of worship, the harmonies reached a stretching halt as authorities stormed in to put an end to the blissful moment. 

Through a heated discussion, it came to the sudden point that the church was told to close, debts were paid off, and a few in the neighbourhood helped us to keep it going, but in the end, the friendly faces couldn’t outweigh those who wanted to see us off the street.

Nightfall came, and like usual, I plugged into my music space. Time moves slower when you pay close attention to the music booming in your ears. It’s funny to wonder about the intentions behind every song and the future motives after it has been released.

Suddenly, as the music plays, reality sunk into my spirit, and my entire being was compelled to pray for the church to make a return for a new chapter to begin. 

© Roderick Lukenge


Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

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