Overfamiliar ?

Overfamiliarity brings contempt and at times, it robs us of the qualities and blessings in life. This can be in any area of our lives and it can spread if not careful. It might present itself as boredom or under-whelmness but it can turn itself around to bitterness and hatred.

The problem with overfamiliarity is, it robs us of so many things all because we choose to put pride before the other person or even our job. We fail to be open-minded and test our assumptions. And worse of all, we begin to listen with our own voice and not the voice of the other person.

This brings distance and breaks great connections and relationships if we don’t act quickly.

Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com

This is something that I am also learning but, it’s good if we can find the cause of the matter and deal with it.

We are blessed to have our community around us and we should not wait until it’s gone before we appreciate them.

#change #familiarity #friends #family #pride #selfreflection

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