How weary the heart feels
When fed with what doesn’t matter –
Sadly this is man’s lot
After seeing many moons
He realises that money is paper
And fame is noise
He realises that vanity is heavy
After his chasing after the wind
In the end,
Maybe the heart just wants to be happy
And the soul wants to be merry
But be careful what tickles your fancy
Lest you cause others pain
In your quest for happiness,
So in your bid to be happy,
Draw a smile across someone’s face
For that in itself cannot be bought
This is not always seen,
Till we turn old and grey
And are stricken by years
We then realise,
That a smile, a hug,
A conversation, a kiss
A prayer, a date
Was all that really mattered…

(c) Chukwudi I.

#life #poem #poetry

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