The Bread Stone Child

This short story was uploaded to my website ( but also used as a short creative piece for my Tumblr page.

Chasing of Fantasies

Ominous clouds cover the beauty of Snowden; many have sought to find shelter in caves or enclosed spaces, bracing themselves for the desolation soon to arrive at our doorstep at any moment. Generation after generation, an onslaught of hailstones visit the village to serve as a warning, expelling those who have chosen to diverge from the set path given to us by those who sit in high places. However, amid the bleakness, there is a blinding light that makes its way through the heart of a child, born to protect and guide us from this invisible evil.

From the books I have studied as a mage of this village, there is little to no evidence of such a child’s existence, but the legend itself grows stronger each day. Upon analysing the recent incidents, magic users have gathered intel to prevent several causalities and preserve the order of things through defensive measures. Despite these efforts, we have yet to identify the bringer of said events.

I am Lisa, an amateur in works of magic, well known among the people in this village. My upbringing was a delightful one but not without its hardship. From a young age, I was brought up to study the fundamentals of magic to prepare for the dreaded day. Year after year, I would often hear a few villagers mock said event thinking it’ll never occur or that it was simply a myth that the ancients conjured up to scare the children.

I glance at the sky often after every class with a heavy heart, believing such a day may one day catch us by surprise.


Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay 

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