I sometimes wonder
And let my mind wander
Of how the world was
When man lived in caves
And woke up to the rooster’s crow
When the sun told time,
And people trekked long distances for love
I wonder how it was,
When horses and camel backs;
When mules and donkeys
Took people to their destinations –
When one had to face the tumultuous seas
And look the waves in the face,
To see a loved one or a foe
I wonder how it was,
When the majestic mountains,
Standing in regal pose,
Was man’s photograph
When the isle beyond the skies
Kissed the pathway in distant horizon
When the birds chorused in unison
And the children hummed to their tune
I wonder how it all was,
I wonder yet even more,
About all these
I wish I can take a peek in times past
And see how these and more happened

(c) Chukwudi I.

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