Will justice be found?
For the weak and lowly
Will Lady Justice?
Remove her blindfold
To see what’s going on today?
Will she hear
The cries of the orphaned
The screams of the women
Will her hands be held open
To receive those who run to her?
For these days,
I see more sadness at justice
For many seek her
But she seems to hide her face
Maybe we should remove her blindfold
I hope she remembers how the world was
When she casts her eyes on it
I pray she remembers earth’s sounds
Before the bombs and destruction
I pray we all find her
I hope her hands are not weary,
From holding the scales
I pray the greedy haven’t tipped the scales
To favour their cause
I hope the corrupt’s gold fall of her weights
So the children know there is hope
So the weak will find someone to fight for…

© Chukwudi I.

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