Dear Jos,
Land of the hills
Home of the mountains
Where the clouds kiss the hilltops,
I am filled with your memories
Of pleasant tales of days gone by
Of Wildlife Park and its pine forest
Of Old Zoo and her stories,
Of bubbling terminus and Mr. Biggs
Of your beautiful mountains and rocky path
It’s sad that people’s heart has turned cold
Albeit not like your weather
For your cool weather was pleasant to the soul
I remember a lot of things
Dear Home of Peace and Tourism,
The sons of perdition has said,
‘Jos will know no peace’
But theirs are words of bumbling fools
For they shall come to their ruin
For like the devil,
They seek to kill, steal and destroy
But they know not,
That they shall meet their end soonest
Dear Jos,
Hold steady, hold on
For soon the evil that befalls you shall end
And your glory will once more be restored
Your children shall once more tell tales of joy
Your soil shall no longer be soaked with blood
Your women shall only cry tears of joy
Your men shall be the pride of the nation
All these shall happen soon, Dear Jos

© Chukwudi I.

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