The Maiden’s Voice (Chapter One)

Hallow Kingdom has met its end. At the struck of midnight our king was swiftly murdered, and since he had no sons his daughter was left in his place to take the throne. Queen Molina took charge of the kingdom with a fierce hand, leaving our enemies to shiver at the sight of her and their weapons would drop at the sound of her voice.

Molina was blessed to have children of her own, one of which was a daughter named Amelia who was cherished highly and respected by all as her voice could bring life to nature and restore dead skin. However, this power she wielded was soon used as the centre piece to keep this land in its youth, making princess Amelia a prime target for all of our enemies.

A once lustrous land brimming with hope, power and courage for the world to witness is now lost in thick fog when a devastating foe overpowered our forces and entered our sacred. The princess was taken to a far place and our queen was left for dead with not a solider in sight to aid her.

It was up to myself as her last born son named Prince Rain to chase after the brutes who left our kingdom in rubble with my late fathers sword and shield, return the princess to her rightful home in one peace and bring life back to this land.

©️ Panda Tales Animation

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