Awareness October

October represents awareness for Black excellence and its history. The oppression but also the push in boundaries as we seek to be seen and heard across society.

Black History Month shouldn’t struck a cord if you already value the true meaning of equality and equity. Especially when we are aware of our own biases. It should be a strengthen your WHY and drive to see all succeed regardless of skin colour.

In this month, we will be highlighting and sharing posts that celebrates Black excellence and also draws awareness into what Black History Month means to us. We can not represent the entire community however, our posts are from our eyes.

Photo by marco allasio on

We appreciate and welcome everyone to read and reflect on their own biases when it comes to every race and reevaluate what the word fair and equal really means. And if you have in anyway ignorantly played a role in the oppression in anyone’s life, because of their skin colour, please ask your self why.

Do unto others as you would like to be done to you.

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