Gratitude diary – lessons

I’m grateful for a year of lessons.

Lessons help us grow and learn from our mistakes. They help remind us that we are not perfect but, day by day we will get there.

Personally, I’m grateful for the times when God took me through seasons that reshaped the woman I am. He reminded me how I can’t depend on my own abilities. He reminded me that, I will enter confusion the more I ignore his leading and his voice.

Like a lost daughter, I had to feel my father near me

Times I felt so anxious because I knew I was far from him and that made me distressed. In my mind, I felt the urgency to move closer to him. Just like a deer thirsting for water.

I’m grateful for the lessons I’ve learned. Many of which, humbled me so much. God is not my handbag or some accessory.

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God is my light on my path

If I walk outside of it, I will miss my way. I am not a God, I am his clay and he is the potter. I must submit myself to him.

Love Diana,


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