Potato Joe Saves the Day

Lemme spin ya little story, I’m Evelyn, a young bundle of joy filled with bravery but a little quirky at times. I’ve been living in the bite sized Kiro Town for what seems like forever. In this town every corner there is a new adventure for me to dive right into. Exploring the wonders of the world as an undercover agent is my all time dream, sometimes it can be a little daunting thinking about it.

Life at home isn’t all that fun, both my birth parents decided to leave me at the doorstep of an orphanage once I hit 5yrs old. I’ve got this strange condition that puts everyone around me on edge. Whenever I sneeze I feel like the world around me changes, nature distorts and as my emotions stir the air, but the reality is I just cannot stop sneeze even when I don’t have a cold.

Most days after school I’m enclosed in a cave made out of blankets cleverly crafted for my imagination to run wild without any limits in sight. Though one day I was shrouded with a coat of loneliness once my foster parents started arguing again in the kitchen and left with my mobile but not a single text came through all day.

In this moment of seclusion I turn to my stuff toy Potato Joe, who’s always there to comfort me and go on crazy adventures. His like my little sidekick but sometimes I do imagine what it would be like to live out my all time dream as an undercover agent with him and what the journey would be like.

If only I could be in his world for a change.

Suddenly, the warmth coming off my emotions covered my body, causing my imagination to take me to a new world, a place where fantasy can roam freely. The gift to create any world you desire by simply sitting down and imagining is not one to take lightly. Through that alone I’m now able to finally be in the arms of my imaginary friend Potato Joe.

Our first mission is to save the chief detective.

If you enjoyed the first chapter of Potato Joe Saves the Day then continue reading it over on the Panda Tales website when new chapters become available.

© Panda Tales Animation

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