Learning to be Joyful

Negativity is everywhere, making joy a obsolete for most people. Now I know the fact that it’s obvious we can’t always be smiling, especially in a world filled with troubles of all kinds, yet regardless of what may be going on around us, we are instructed in God’s word to be joyful at all times (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Joyfulness is not the same as happiness and happiness is not the same as joyfulness. To be happy is conditional whereas to be joyful is unconditional. In simple terms happiness will always be based around our circumstances, while joy can thrive without reason.

Through the scriptures we can find many that make it clear that joy is a choice we can all make in any given situation. The first step to living joyfully is spending time with God from that post on you’ll be able to find joy in whatever you may go up against in life.

© Roderick Lukenge

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