Delicate December

The last lap. Wow.

A year of whirlwinds and uncertainties and for some, a year of new levels and new chapters. December. The final chapter to 2021 is a crucial decider on how we view this year and how we’ll enter into the next.

We’ve seen, heard, and felt loss all around as Covid-19 swept across nations taking lives. We are left standing by God’s grace yet, it isn’t something we should take lightly.

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The year has brought out deep issues within systems from police brutality to racial inequality to corruption. Many are still suffering in anguish crying for help.

As much as this month represents Christmas, I challenge every one of us to dedicate, offer or donate to a special course. We need to help charities across the world and help others have a great Christmas.

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Focus on kindness and see beyond your circumstance.

Love Diana,


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