What God Does in Small Beginnings

The desire to start something big is simple to do but to have the drive to see it till the end is where people tend to give up and never see how much they’ve matured or could have matured in the midst of the whole process. As a creative Christian myself, it can be a little tiresome to go through a long training journey into something new or tough to see a big project fail, but it’s in those failures we learn and grow.

In this teaching, I’ll be giving you two key points to help you know what God does in our small beginnings and what we should be doing as believers during the transition period.

God is Equipping You

The start of something is hard but getting to the end some people never see. Whenever God gives us a vision or we choose to start something new, we tend to go down the road of inadequacy or fail to see where God is taking us in our slow starts. However, in these moments we must be aware that God has a beautiful plan mapped out for us but it’ll take faith for us to see this plan till the very end.

In our small beginnings, we desire to be at the top immediately but it is in midst of these low moments we are being trained to use the tools God has provided and pruned to work effectively whilst being at God’s side in order for us to continue doing so when we eventually get that promotion.

Getting You Ready For More

It’s common for most people to find it hard to endure through midway into their transition from what used to be to what is yet to come. The primary reason people stop in the middle is the failure to have patience with themselves as they learn and develop in faith. It’s easy to fall into the temptation of finding ways to bypass the midway point and ultimately miss out on their God-given purpose.

Teaching You to Trust Him

As we go through our small beginnings, it may get harder to hear what God may be saying due to our attention being devoted to the tasks at hand rather than to God’s Word. Regardless of what you may be going through right now, all the hardships and failures will only benefit you in the long run when you place your trust in God through the process and make yourself available with a sensitive ear each time God wants to instruct you. Be aware of the fact that there are some lessons clearly seen during the trial period and there are some lessons you will only discover at the very end.

© Roderick Lukenge

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