3.0 boo with Grace

Dear Chuks,

That time of the year is upon us again and I’m super excited about it.. you gon be 3.0 boo😊😊 finally lol.
Every year since we started out reminds me of our little humble beginning. It is funny and thrilling how this experience with you has been; the good days, not so good days, bad days, emotional roller coaster kind of days, the meh-days… I’m literally in awe of our journey so far.
I have a truckload of amazing things to say about you but I’d keep it short; thank you for being patient and in your patience, you remained amazing. Words can’t capture all I would love to say about your essence, you find new ways to make the new year better than the previous. It is amazing how you have acted and lived out the role of a husband long before I said “I do” and will still say it again in few weeks from today 😊…

From the onset of this journey till today, I have never had a doubt about you, no doubt not a fear. There has never been a day in all these five years that I regretted having you in my life. I’m just as certain of Us as I’m certain of my name.. I have loved every bit of this five-year ride and I look forward to many more rides with you.

Dear Chuks, I believe strongly that there’s more to you and much more to us. You embody the word “sincerity”. And in this God-Love story God is writing through us and with us, may you find all of God’s desires for you nested in it. May ours be a flame that would never go out, May it capture all of God’s heart for us and in the depth of this union May, our lives dance to the rhythm of God’s heart.

Hey boo… I love you sincerely and I look forward to being Mrs I. A promised union that brings joy to a generation.

May ours be the story God would smile at and angels would love to hear,
May it be full,
May it be known,
May it be blessed,
May God in His fullness be resident here
May it be called the “Garden Of God”

PS: I have mixed some of my vows with your birthday write up..enjoy the sneak peek

Happy birthday love


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