The Anchor

When I was younger, I found it easy to believe that my hobbies were based on what others found acceptable and not really on what I actually liked. Easily swayed by the opinions of others until I decided to be the author of my own ‘path’. The choices I made were my own risk and the focus was very selfish but often lonely.

I have discovered that great joy of mine was based on a very fruitless and shaky foundation and that was on others and their opinion. Especially when it revolved around them. It is very silly but a very easy mistake anyone can make because, once that person is gone, the spark in the hobby fades away and you’re left empty and confused.

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For some people, their identity is revolved around money while others are on themselves. But one thing I’ve learnt differently is if the foundation is destroyed, what can we really do? Nothing. We become bitter and our hope fades like vapour.

Recently I challenged myself to get back into designing for pleasure and I have enjoyed it because it revolves around the greatest joys I have and that is in Jesus and his church. I felt as though there was a resurrection of deep and genuine satisfaction on the one thing I deeply enjoyed. And that is to create.

Maybe you’ve lost touch with a certain hobby because of the pandemic or even because of what is happening in your country. One thing I would like you to do is to ask yourself this question :

What was the foundation/anchor of that particular activity/hobby?

Was it built upon a solid ground or was it based on something temporary?

If you discover that the anchor to your hobby is not on solid ground, there’s still hope for you. You can recreate it and reconstruct it on something less temporary so that it can last. Or if that’s not possible, then it’s best to let it fade away with the past while you discover new ones.

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