A Character Study: A Look into The Sly Cooper Crew

Sucker Punch released The Sly Cooper Trilogy in November 2010, bringing triple the fun for players all over to enjoy and experience this cartoon adventure. Today, I want to express my discoveries while playing each game and my views on the character development shown for each member of the Sly Cooper Crew. 

Leading and Learning

Throughout the Sly Cooper trilogy, we go on a journey that reveals the shaping of Sly’s leadership as his family’s past unfolds layer by layer within each game. From the beginning, Sly is a laidback leader who’s cocky in both action and thinking but soon realises toward the end of the second instalment that his actions/plans can cost the lives of his friends. Through this experience, the audience also understands the limit to Sly’s ability to protect his crew from danger with his big plans and the multiple techniques Sly may acquire.

Building Up Each Other

As you make your way through each game, the player realises the character development slowly builds up, with every member of the Sly crew showcasing their contribution to the team along the way.

Every member has a unique position in the team, with more layers being introduced later on, especially in the second and third instalments. Sly takes on leadership by going head first into action but soon discovers his weakness and inability to save those around him. Murray is the powerhouse who learns to fight his fears, and Bentley is the brains of every operation but eventually gets out of his cave and enters the field.

Less is More 

The biggest flaw seen in the Sly Cooper games is the number of members the game developers choose to add. With each new member, there is a disconnect in the overall story. Some players may even feel the shortened character narratives sprinkled in for other characters to have their moment ruining the overall experience.

Additionally, the locations you explore as the player remain larger but feel tedious to travel through due to character limitations within missions or members you may not want to control simply because other members could do the task faster. Overall, less equals more which is soon found out in the last instalment in the series as Sly’s ancestors become playable characters.

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