Crusty Onion (Chapter 1-2)

Colour is seen all around us, it gives us purpose and clears the fog lingering on our eyelids but when the colour fades the world becomes a dark unbearable place to live in.

I ran tirelessly through the forest stumbling my way back to Huste village in hopes of giving a stern warning to the villagers about the colourless disaster tearing its way to them. Despite being ignored I screamed even louder, however, a few minutes later, the villagers turned pristine white one after another yet I remained in full colour.

Suddenly, as if on cue, a dark digitised figure arrived on the scene and took notice of me standing in terror then immediately tapped its staff on the ground converting the village and its people into digital blocks then proceeded to consume them all. 

Multiple of these strange figures started appearing, terrified once more I started to bolt out of the village with tears gushing out of my eyes. As thoughts rushed through my mind, a bright light slashed across the ground behind me causing the bizarre figures to lose track of my whereabouts. Yet even that could not stop them for long as they ripped through the barrier. Shortly after, without realising I managed to entrap myself at the edge of a cliff just outside the forest.

As the ground begins to crumble, the dark figures slowly emerge from the forest, their leader brushes a claw against my cheek leaving me in a constant state of fear.

© Roderick Lukenge

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