Be that Friend

Togetherness starts with friendship. Based on shared interests and flourishing day by day.

The reality is that friendship is hard work and it takes a lot of self-realisation and adjusting when necessary. Its fruits are seen after years and most times it’s hard to see at all.

Each one is different and grows in its own beautiful way. Some face obstacles and challenges, whether due to life or personal issues. Deep down, we all yearn for a friend.

Sadly, the label “friend” is used too freely and is blurred by social media or just life. Some use friendship as a way to take and not give back. And others use friendship to fill a void they are running away from.

We all want someone loyal and who accepts us for who we are. Who is forgiving and patient. But many of us realise that our needs are a huge weight for anyone to carry let alone maintain.

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But there’s good news!

There’s a friend like no other. He listens to you and helps guide you along the way. He doesn’t leave or forsake you.

That Friend is Christ Jesus.

Learn more through this wonderful video from The Bible Project

Bible Project Bible Basics – Who is Jesus?

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