Dear December,

We finally meet again. It’s been a while since we last spoke. I trust you’ll make us smile as you always do with the Yuletide goodies. December, it’s been crazy since January. I guess you would know that already. A lot of things happened globally; lots of pain and lots of smiles also. February came blazing with the Russia-Ukraine War, which we hope would be over soonest. The world stood still in September, when Her Majesty, The Queen passed on. In November, the Qatar World Cup began, uniting the whole world. I dare say, many events have happened this year and it’s been quite interesting.

As usual, we always look forward to seeing you, Dear December. The coming together of loved ones in a camaraderie of love and friendship that adds colour to the holidays. The warmth from grandma’s cookies, the hugs from the faraway cousin, the kiss of a lover abroad, the smiles of nieces and nephews running up and down the house, the singalong from various choirs, the exchanging of gifts, the snuggling in a lover’s embrace during winter, the road trip to a country-home; all these and more are photographed in our memories every year, which keeps us wanting to see you again and again.

We hope that you begin and end with good tidings and memories that would last forever. We trust and hope that a lot of people would be indeed merry and be happy that you are here. We hope people’s tears would be replaced with smiles; we trust swords would be sheathed so we could have peace. We hope people would be able to keep warm this winter and we trust starving kids around the world would be fed.

Once more, looking forward to seeing you, Dear December.


The DianaKolawole Blog Team

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