How to Know When You Are Being Tempted

We are often taught how to avoid temptation or provided ways to prevent it but have you ever been in a situation when you were not aware of being ushered into temptation in the first place? Today is a discussion on how you can know when you are getting tempted.

Watch Your Hunger 

Hunger opens the door to temptation, whether we know it or not. It is one of the quickest ways to see if you are on the verge of enticement. One example can be found in Genesis 25:29-34 when Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of stew and bread simply because he was hungry. Therefore, the first lesson here is to watch your hunger. Otherwise, you may give yourself away into the hands of temptation. 

Are You Tired?

Temptation loves to strike us when we are at our weakest, which is typically at night. One thing to note is emotions are intensified. Our actions can be easily thoughtlessly exercised during night hours. So keep watch and stay alert. 

The Feeling of Loneliness

We can never be alone. God is always with us every day. However, some of us may still experience the feeling of loneliness and could potentially associate ourselves with fruitless associations, thus leading to temptation. Don’t allow a lonely session to corrupt your morals or take away what you’ve learnt. Instead, use that time to grow in faith and find others who can build you up and not spoil your good character. 

© Roderick Lukenge

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