If you’re reading this, we would love to welcome you to the month of February. We hope your January started out great and hey, even if it didn’t start out great; don’t worry, don’t give up and we pray that everything will work out for your good.

As usual, this year will come with its own challenges and pain; we may get a rejection letter or experience a heartbreak but in everything (both good and bad), we wish that you will be jolly and your heart, merry. In this new month, we should learn to know what is within and beyond our control. That way, we would be able to manage our emotions better and achieve better results, while staying happy.

This month,
Let the butterflies flutter,
Break a smile
Smell the roses
Listen to the wind
Laugh with a child
Love wholly
Be genuine
Have faith
Say a prayer
Trust God…

Just to also let you know that the DianaKolawole Team will be here with our encouraging articles, amazing stories and uplifting poems through the month of February with you. We trust that your month will be jolly like ours.


The DianaKolawole Team

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