4 Types of People to Avoid

Our social connections play a big role when it comes to guarding our hearts and positioning ourselves for the next season for our lives. Today we’ll have a look at 4 types of people we should avoid being connected to if we are to experience peace.

Block The Manipulator

First person to eliminate from our circle is one who manipulates others, these types of people work in sneaky ways to eventually get a hold of you emotionally and eventually talk you in or out of where you are supposed to be in life. Being around manipulators can be draining and could cause us to give up too early or create a sense of unworthiness and wear us out as we chase after their expectations of us.

Avoid The Constant Critic

Constructive criticism is important, it helps us grow as individuals and can reveal areas we have yet to consider. This type of criticism comes from a caring and loving place, however someone who enjoys being in the critics seat usually has toxic traits or nitpicks at every little thing done in front of them.

Such people who carry a unhealthy energy are best avoided, as they can be a stumbling block to your progress. We are allowed to make mistakes in our walk and with that we can’t keep stopping each time to adjust our path to someone else’s standard.

Get Rid of the Egomaniac

People who are boastful or highly arrogant should not be in your circle as they can be harmful to you on many levels and most of the time they choose to listen to their own voice rather than to take time to hear out others. At the centre, people with this particular trait tend to aim to be the only person in the room who is most needed or a must-have in the group, when in reality that may not be the case.

It’s imperative we remain humble and know the value of others in a given space. Advice is easily ignored or placed to the side when we carry a ego-centred spirit so choose to stay away from people who may live this way.

Stay Clear of Exploiters

Much like manipulators, these type of people are relentless when it comes to squeezing everything you have that benefits their needs or desires. One of the key ways of spotting this particular person is to take note of how much energy or time you are giving towards them and whether this is being reciprocated. Be on the look out and make sure to tackle this sort of connection early before you lose our big time.

© Roderick

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