Warm sun brings you forth
Up! Up, from the earth
Shrouded in beauty
Is all my eyes see;
Pure white covers you
Like snow or as wool
Yes! You are pristine,
Pretty White Jasmine
Say, you’re so tender
Hmm, little wonder
Cupid wanted you;
Amongst his choice few
For your sweet fragrance
Takes me into trance
And I dream of love
Of olives and it’s grove;
Of rhythm and blues
As I sit and muse
Sweet smelling Jasmine
With fragrance lasting
Some ask what you mean
‘Gift from God’, you mean!
I love your aura
Dear Persian flower

© Chukwudi Isaac

Self worth

Your value is yours,

Not defined by any other,

Not sublimed by others perspective,

Whatever they want to add with a –tive


Your crown,

Like no other, stand up tall,

Curls and all

Glowing but that not all that lies beneath you


Skin so beautiful,

But not as beautiful as the soul,

Created, a replica of God’s creation made whole.


Your value lies deep within you, not in the hands of another.

© DianaKolawole.Design