Studio Visit – Kim Fowler

I was able to meet Kim Fowler a Jeweller and artist in Banks Mill. It was amazing seeing all of her work as well as her workspace. The clear sense of style and taste was Art Nouveau. Which is interesting as the style is old but the way she infuses it with mythology is amazing. This almost, surrealism aspect of it was clear.

As well as Art Nouveau, she also had the love for the Romanticism and the Gothic style, which showed, in her work. I truly enjoyed how someone like her can keep to her style and experiments so much with different materials from glass, to paintings to textile embroidery to screen-printing. It made me wants to experiment and be more confident with my work. As she stated that, we should not be afraid of mistakes and that, when you love your work and what you do, the process and experimentations are a bonus.

Although she works by herself, she also has a second job as an art technical at a primary school. She explained how the job helps her to fund for her own work. She also explained how marketing was a difficult part as it is hard to put yourself out there, and opportunities like competitions are important for recognition. Especially as everything is through social media and trends change so quickly, so keeping up is difficult.

Her current art piece is based on Medusa and infusing it with mental health issues by using the snakes and entangled hair to represent depression. Her detailed style is so beautiful and the way she works from photographs but also adds elements to it is inspirational. Not only does she draw and paint but she also does Jewellery and graphic T-shirts and cards. It reminds me of what Geoff Hills mentioned about broadening one’s creative horizon. Kim as a clear example of that.

As well as her bubbly, warm and charming personality, I can say that her studio included everything that inspired her and it was clear to see the link between her work and what she collected. From the most random things to just surreal postcards. It is clear that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Kim Fowler

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