I was able to visit Greendoor Print studio, in Banks Mill. An art business and studio founded by a mother and daughter. The Pandora (daughter) specialises in screen printing, her mother (Anna) specialises in etching and more traditional print processes such as lithography. Their main focus is around eco-friendly print processes that do not harm the environment. This was because Anna’s daughter is asthmatic and she wanted a process that wouldn’t create poisonous fumes as traditional.

What I enjoyed was seeing how being different and unique really pays off. As before the visit, I have not heard of an eco-friendly print studio before. And understanding that the reasons for it were both personal and also ethical, made me respect and value their business more. And it is a family business, so that sense of home away from actual home was heart-warming.

It was lovely talking to Anna and hearing about her background in Illustration and her journey as an artist. Originally from Scotland and an Artist who loved prints and moved to Derbyshire with her children while going back to University to study Illustration. Just seeing how the business as grown in the last 4 or so years.

I was able to understand the difficulty of funding as a designer. Anna explained how their money comes from the courses and workshops they run. And having 3 large studios, the cost is really expensive.

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