My work


I would describe my work as expressive but also minimalistic. I like to play with the idea of serendipity and I enjoy creating happy accidents. Although I am structured with my research, I try to also experiment things a bit more thorough. Before, I was scared to make mistakes but, during the second year, I have been more carefree with my work.

Branding, logos and anything expressive is what I enjoy to do. Recently, I found the Jonathan Vickers Award Catalogue quite fun to create. As well as the current EIZO project a way for me to play around with colour and not being scared of where it takes me.

My influences mainly those I glance at on Behance. For example, Rosie Clarke’s work, I connect with for the range of style she has and the illustrative element she brings into it. And also the photography she adds to her work.


Rosie Clarke03350442865531.58c40cc54abdb

Unidentified by Rosie Clarke


Campaign to end loneliness by Rosie Clarke

The way she explores and plays with issues is so interesting. And how she captures things from everywhere and anywhere. And that is what I like and appreciate about her work.

My short term goal is to be able to firmly understand which path I would like to go in. At the moment, I like the publishing side as well as branding to some extent. I do not enjoy packaging, I won’t be including that in the future. For now, getting some work experience in design would be vital.

My long term goal is to be able to work in a stable role as a Junior designer and work my way up. I would love to learn more software skills and improve upon my technical skills. Working with exhibitions would be amazing.


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