As I took a walk the other day, my mind wandered a bit and I thought to myself, ‘why is everyone going somewhere or coming back from somewhere?’ Is it in pursuit of money, luxury, faith in God, peace, joy, or love? Then it struck me… ‘Why was I out also?’
Many people subconsciously think they are in pursuit of what they need without actually knowing what they need. Many of the things we chase are fleeting but we spend the majority of our years chasing them. Sad, isn’t it?
So then I wonder ‘what then are we to chase?’ as everyone’s problem is peculiar to him or her and not general to everyone. Most often than not we lose ourselves, values and principles in the pursuit of the fleeting things of life as we forget to pursue things like forgiveness, wisdom, peace with all men, love, selflessness and the likes that won’t just concern us but other people also. For sometimes what we seek won’t give us happiness but will give others and in turn we will be happy for putting a smile on another person’s face…
So as we pursue life, let’s ask ourselves what we are pursuing and while we are at that, let’s not forget to help the homeless person, the bleeding heart, the confused soul… Only then can we make the world a better place and will find fulfilment in our pursuit of life…

© Chukwudi Isaac

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