Recently, I’ve been expecting a lot of things and they haven’t materialised so I kinda got worked up but then I remembered that it’s not just a picture of the future that should give me hope but the blessings of my past. Then I decided to count my blessings. This alone gave me hope and helped me realise that things will certainly get better.
We all hope for one thing or another in this life and what we hope for most times are ‘better’ things. If we can just take some time out and stop complaining but rather look back, we’ll see that we aren’t doing badly after all as some people are going through worse situations than we are.
This brings me to the point of having hope by helping others. When we leave our own little world, we will realise that in our own world, we have everything that someone is praying for. It’s then and only then that we can help another see the world through another lens and give hope to another… This, in turn, can give us hope that since we aren’t doing bad, we can move on…
Don’t stop dreaming… Okay… You can be a dreamer but don’t lay in your bed (one of my favourite rap lines by Sho Baraka)…
Our dreams keep us going, they give us hope… Know if that whatever we need to bring our dreams to fruition is already embedded within us and we are accessible to the resources to bring it to reality…
So let’s get living… Let’s hope… Let’s put a smile on others… Let’s dream… So at the end of the day, we’ll look back with a confidence that we lived a life worthy of emulation and didn’t give up…
One of my favourite songs is Don’t Give Up by Dr. Panam Percy Paul, the chorus says
Don’t give up
It’s not over
When you give up
Then it’s over
Hold onto the Lord
Trouble not your heart
Even when you fail
It’s not over…


© Chukwudi Isaac

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