It’s okay to be lost

At the time we miss the old us. The one that was carefree, had more time and the one you felt really defined who we are. It happens. Life gets harder and its demands increase with every minute, every second and every day.

Usually, we freak out. Like snakes shedding old skin, we are scared of the new person we will become. Will they understand fun like I use to? Will they still have the same values I have? what exactly defines me? What is MY why? And more and more questions spin in our heads.

But the beauty of it is the wait. It is the journey. failing and getting up again and again. Realising that, we actually didn’t like red all along and prefered burgundy instead. We get to understand ourselves more and more importantly, LOVE OURSELVES better.

Sometimes, we are one of the few people that know ourselves the best and in that, we become our worst enemies. criticising everything we do and making ourselves believe that we are not enough. When in reality, we are far from enough. WE ARE AMAZING and wonderfully made.

And the best thing is, there is NO ONE like us!

I just want you to think about the ways you are different and embrace that. because this is only part 1.

Thank you for reading

Diana x


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