What lies beyond time?
When we close our eyes
And return to dust
Do we simply cease to exist?
Be part of the food chain?
Or do we transcend
Beyond the continuum
On an everlasting journey
Beyond the galaxies
Above the universe?
Beyond time is there time?
Where errors can be corrected
As we have here?
When we breathe our last
Does another speck of dust
Return to it’s sole constituent, the earth?
Beyond time, are we given a reward?
What is due to us
By a Higher Authority?
One before whom we’ll all stand
One who’s just and right
In all He does
One who will judge based on our time here
So I took a commitment
To make each second count
Every minute, accounted for
Every hour, worthy
Each day, meaningful
Each week, useful
Each month, doing right; and
Each year, growing in God
So when I close my eyes
And I’m lowered down
Faith in my God will lead me
So as I stand before the Holy Throne
And when my book is opened
Let it be said
That while my time here spent
I did everything right
Though I made mistakes
But I retraced my steps
And now where infinity is time
Never to be measured again
May I enter into my abode of rest
A place of rest beyond time
Promised to me by God…

© Chukwudi Isaac

2 thoughts on “BEYOND TIME

  1. The poem is beyond just time but viewing life with the eyes of eternity. Thank you for this thoughts. Reminds us of what each seconds in time mean to eternity.


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