Have you ever seen a child sleep? I love watching them sleep when they beam a smile and you can almost feel the purity and innocence that hovers over their face. It’s so divine. It looks like the entire universe is still as it awaits the child to wake up. The child don’t know what’s happening around him or her any longer and the next thing one could hear will be the child’s beckon for attention but before that happens, the child is just at REST.

Baby Sleeping.jpeg

Before God created Eve for Adam, Adam had to sleep. We live in a fractured world. The whole hustle and bustle was not God’s original design but it’s a pity that we are trapped in it. However, God came to redeem us and restore us back to the order where we are to rest. I sometimes want to imagine how Adam was in the Garden of Eden before the Fall and I wondered if he ever broke a sweat. He never did and that is because he was always in fellowship with God.

We can see Jesus in the Bible also, while on earth, He constantly rested on God and He was a perfect example that taught us how to depend on God. He had tough times, yeah… but He knew and taught us that we are not to lose our anchor which should be fastened on the Rock of Ages. He always depended on God, gave thanks, and recognised The Father’s authority on for everything that He did and that was rest.

God wants us to recognise that like a child, we should rest on and in Him continually. Let us not forget that like a child, we are to just rest in His arms and allow Him to lead us and carry us for in that way, we won’t make any mistake and we will surely have a reason to be happy and can genuinely love.

(C) Chukwudi Isaac…

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