Is there hope for the hopeless?
Is there a voice for the voiceless?
Will the village children ever sing again?
Will tales by the moonlight be told again?
For the children’s cry wake up the mothers
As their stomachs growl for a morsel –
Mothers wail over their young ones
Fathers sit and stare in pain;
They recant tales of the good ol’ days
They wish for the days gone by
Some think that if they go to the city,
Perhaps they shall abide in green pastures,
But then the rich also cry
For their money now lose value
And buy for 2 now the price of 1 before
They too wish for days gone by,
And remember when they were the talk of the town
Their edifices are eaten up by moth
And their storehouses are empty,
Some dwell on their past glory
And pray for better days to come
But what keeps a man going is hope
We hope for the past and future
That sometimes we forget about the present
Let’s hope some more…
There’s light at the end of the tunnel…

© Chukwudi Isaac

© Chukwudi Isaac

Twitter : Chukwudi Issac

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