The Joker’s Crown

Getting old sucks. Although it does have its own advantages from time to time, but it still sucks. I’ve been living in Mailing Town for years and though it never bores me to walk past the same park day after day, I would like something dramatic happen to this town to liven things up.

You see, the world needs a lot of healing and to me the only cure to that is laughter, I’m a Christian man you see and so I’m just quoting what my bible be saying. Enough of my ramblings, my name is Carter or what my old classmates used to call me Class Clown Carter, just remembering that brings back good memories.

As I got older, I grew closer to the life of theatre, drama has always been my passion and it still is even till this day. I’ve taken part in a play or two and got really good at the whole thing, these days I’m always looking for the next big drama to take part of and show off my talent to the world around me.

One time while sitting alone in the park nearby my house, I recalled the called old days when I was back in school, in those days I had my old loyal and hardboiled crew with me, we’d always dream on making it big and follow each other to the ends of the earth, the sappy lot never gave me a break, not a lick of time to myself.

Bobby who we called Jim Jammer would always find a way to get us out of gym class so we could roam about as we pleased, one time Bobby went a little too far and got the teacher running out of class like a maniac after taking a drop of his secret sauce that he put in her food during lunch.

Kal or silent jo, helps us hack into the CCTV around our school so we wouldn’t get spotted whenever we wanted to ditch class, though we did have our fun with the cameras and found one of the principle taking a nap in his office, so we took it upon ourselves to leave a few bugs in the room and lock him in there while we skateboarded through the school.

However, we all get to the point when we just can’t remain as pranksters, times are surely changing and so are those who love to take it to the next level when it comes to joking.

People are too serious these days, wearing their ties like it’ll save them from a dreadful day, no one seems to just want to have fun its always the “I’m busy” response. Moving on won’t be easy for me, but for now I’ll always be an old man sticking to his jokes.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

© Roderick Lukenge

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