As time goes and as we grow, change is inevitable in our sight.

We stretch, we expand, we become alien to our own selves yet, the core is what is important to us.

Consistency equals familiarity.

It equals home. It equals hope.

While we embrace the differences and the flaws that pop up now and again, there’s always a gentle reminder of that consistent core.

The question is, do we love the temporary change or do we love the core of the person even more?

Sure, a new look, a wardrobe change and maturity can make a person more desirable but, deep down, they are still incomplete, broken and sometimes, extremely insecure.

The key is to open up our arms and welcome them no matter what they do and how thick the darkness around them is.

The key is to love unconditionally. That in itself is hard but, through consistency, it heals.

Love, Diana

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